Unwanted Christmas Presents, why not turn them into Donations

What to do with those unwanted Christmas present’s

Apparently thousands of unwanted Christmas gifts and presents will be thrown away in the coming weeks, so what are you going to do with yours  . . .

Before you do anything, could I make a suggestion . .

How about putting them on eBay and donating the sale to the rescue, I know it might sound a lot to ask, but for those who don’t already know the rescue is run by a small group of volunteers, the only funding the rescue receives is via donations to its paypal account, through Raffles, its annual Fun Day and from personnel donations from its volunteers and from the Adoption Fee it ask’s new forever homes to donate when adopting one of its Rescue dog’s.

Out of these donated fund’s, the rescue spends :

£4 a day Kennel Fees (per dog in the rescue, thats £28 a week per dog) – This allows the rescue to home the dogs while they are assessed and waiting for a foster or forever home.

£40+ Food for the rescues – This covers approximately 2 weeks for the rescue to ensure the dogs are fed properly.

There are also fees for Neutering before the dogs are placed in new homes, as well as any other Vets fees for other ailments the dogs may have or develop.

So maybe your unwanted Christmas presents could help the Rescue continue to save life’s and find homes for the rescue dogs out there who need there help.

You could even maybe offer them to the Rescue as Raffle prizes for the Fun Day dog show in July

Alternatively if you wish to donate dog food to rescue please email them to discuss how this can be done.

Thank you to all our donators and to our volunteers who continue to help the rescue.