Toby – Cane Corso Male RE-HOMED)

This is Toby, a 16 month old Cane Corso Rescue, foster number 2 here at the min.
He’s only been here a short while so still under assessment but thought I’d just take the time to introduce him.
So far so good. Absolutely fine with the other dogs, was very nervous with me for first 24 hours and now he’s absolutely fine, loves cuddles, playtime and seems very social and happy.
He’s been exercised with two of my own young females and he’s fine with them, they keep him in check and he’s cool with that. He’s also met one of my older girls with no problems and is kennelled two doors away from Koby, the other rescue I have, again no issues.
Previous owner stated Toby was fine with any visiting children.
His assessment will continue over the next few weeks but I’m sure he will make someone a gorgeous, calm and loving pet.
In summary:
🐶 16 month old male Cane Corso
🐶 calm and loving nature
🐶 good with other dogs
🐶 could live with a female dog
🐶 could live with older children
🐶 housetrained
🐶 good on lead
🐶 started basic obedience
🐶 will be castrated before leaving us
🐶 not cat tested
🐶 raw fed


Hi all

Just a little Toby update.
He was castrated last week which went really well and he is recovering fantastically.
However……..Toby unfortunately has another issue which I asked the vet to look into and confirm whilst he was under anaesthetic. His ears are a mess, he has tiny ear canals due to thickening cartilage which the vet feels stems back a while, probably to when he was a puppy, could be to do with cropping/poor aftercare or untreated ear issues, it’s really hard to say but they have been like that for a long time. The canals are so small you can’t even get a otoscope into them to have a look.
At the minute although there is some wax build up, there is no infection and he is fine with you cleaning them and touching them.
This problem could however mean that Toby is prone to getting more infections and so will require regular ear cleaning and on occasion possible sedation so the vets can keep a check on his ears.
He had a good clean out under anaesthetic last week and then today at his post op check the vet had another look and a little clean. Toby was more than happy for the vet to prod around and clean his ears out whilst he lay on the floor munching his way through several biscuits so you can touch his ears without issue, he doesn’t wince and there is no noticeable pain.
The thickening cartilage and teeny tiny ear canals does however mean his hearing is also impacted. When he’s in a deep sleep he doesn’t hear you come into the room and sometimes gets startled. Out and about I’ve not noticed his hearing affecting him, he comes to call and always sticks close by.
We are gutted to get this news and frustrated the previous owner never mentioned this problem, he has ignored all contact from us since he surrendered Toby despite promising a donation and vaccination records etc.
So we are looking for an extra special home for this wonderful boy and someone that is willing to take him on with his cauliflower ears. After much thought we don’t think it’s fair on Toby to rehome him to a family that have very small children due to the fact his hearing is impacted and he does get startled easily when woken from sleep. Toby can live with a female dog of any size, he’s so gentle and calm, and I’m sure he could also live happily with a cat. This boy has so much love to give, he’s adorable. He cuddled up to everyone waiting for their vets appointment today, they all loved him and the vet also commented on how amazing he was.
If you think you can offer this gorgeous special boy the loving forever home he really deserves then please do contact either myself or Lulu Black. We would be happy to talk through his ear problems in more detail with any serious enquiries.
Thank you to those people that have already enquired and sent a form in, we are currently reviewing and will be in touch with everyone soon, we just wanted to give everyone an update.
Thanks for reading x

Please contact the rescue to learn more and get an adoption form.     RE-HOMED…………