Remember, Remember the 5th Nov

Remember Remember the 5th Nov, but more importantly remember your furry friendsFor the past few weeks we’ve all been hearing the sounds of Fireworks on and off, but tonight it’s the big one, there will be lots of Firework party’s going on around your neighbourhood and no doubt next door, so it’s a good idea to prepare your dog for what’s to come.

Things you can do that can help :

Prepare a den for your dog in their favourite place.

Be sure that all the external doors are closed and that you keep your dog inside and secure, you don’t want your dog getting scared by all the sound’s and lights and trying to get away from it all.

If your dog has a favourite treat or a kong, be sure that they have it with them, it may help distract a nervous dogs.

Spending some quality time with your dog and playing games inside with their favourite toys can also help distract them from all the noise and lights outside.

It might also be a good idea to close windows, lower blinds/draw the curtains and maybe put the TV or some music on to help drown out all those sounds that could scare your dog.

Always ensure that your dog has I.D. Tags on, so that in the event that they do get out, they can easily be identified and returned home safely

Never leave a dog out when fireworks are going off, remember dog’s hearing is a lot more acute than a human and what might not seem all that scarey to you most likely sounds like being in a warzone to your dog.

Also remember that as it’s the middle of the week, there will be Fire Work Party’s/Displays still happening at the weekend, and just because Fire Work night is over, there are still lots of irresponsible people who will still be letting them off for the remainder of the month of November.

Finally if your having a Bonfire, please remember to check the Bonfire for Hedgehogs or any other animals that might have hidden in it for shelter before you light it.