Lola Palola Smells of Lemon Cola – Cane Corso

Well that’s what we call her, but most of you will now her as that shy girl Lola the Cane Corso, well it’s nearly 8 months since we adopted Lola & she’s really begun to blossom into a very beautiful Cane Corso Princess.

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Lola’s come a long way from that very shy, very nervous little girl we first went to see in Sept 2014, she is still a little shy & nervous round people the first few times she meets them, but nowhere as nervous as when we first adopted her.

It’s been a slow process getting Lola to understand that people aren’t out to hurt her or take her away from us, but our work seems to have paid off dividends.

We are hoping that over the next 6-8 months the brave, confident Cane Corso that’s hiding away in Lola will come to the surface even more & we’ll start to see the girl she truly can be, it will take time, but she’s worth it.

This little girl has done a lot in helping to heal our hearts after we lost Blue last year and it’s only fair and right that we do the same for her, we don’t just intend that she has a happy home with us, we intend to make sure she has a full and enjoyable life, meeting and exploring new people and places, can’t wait for Lola to have her first holiday in Pembrokeshire or Cornwall with us, she’s going to love it.

In June we took Lola down to see Lulu & Shirley who run and aid the where we adopted her from, they had a Fun Day to raise funds for the rescue, so this was the first time they had seen her since Sept/Oct and I think they wer both happy with the progress this little girl has made with us.