Hot Pavements

Hot Pavements

Dog’s feet and pads are tough, right? Most people are aware that a dogs foot pads can be injured/cut when they step on something sharp, but not a lot of people would think about about something hot

At this time of year and with the exceptionally hot weather we are having in the UK can make pavements and metal surfaces Dangerously hot and hard to avoid in the heat of summer.

Remember that our doggy friends don’t have shoes to protect their pads and in the summer sun Pavement’s, metal surface or asphalt roadsĀ can get extremely hot.

If you were a dog would you want to walk barefoot on any of these surfaces for long in the summer heat, or sit your bare bum on them, probably not and with good reason, it would burn, so remember when taking your dog for a walk to try and avoid the hottest parts of the day to avoid exertion and so your your dog doesn’t get burnt paws on the hot pavements/roads/metal surfaces.

If you do have to take them out in the heat remember to bring some water and to try to stay on the grass when you can.