Alpha Feeds Donation to the Rescue

Alpha Feeds Donation

Lulu with Alpha Feeds donation . . WOW

The rescue would like to say a very very very very very big thank you to the wonderful people at : Alpha Feeds Ltd in South Leverton, Nottinghamshire.

This donation came about after the lovely Melanie & Vincent who re-homed Lola from the rescue, decided to contact them explaining how the rescue survives on kind donations from the Public and is run solely by volunteers, and asked if there was any possibility that Alpha Feedds could help ?

Well shortly after contacting them, they received an email from a lady called Annabell who kindly explained that they would be offering the following donation to the Rescue :

–          1 x 15kg Alpha Sporting Puppy

–          1 x 15kg Alpha Sensitive Extra

–          2 x 15kg Alpha Sensitive

–          2 x 15kg Alpha Junior & Active

–          2 x 15kg Alpha Sporting Dog

–          2 x 15kg Alpha worker maintenance

–         42 boxes of 200g Alpha samples

Mel & Vince got in touch with us here at the rescue and after a few more emails a delivery date was set and last Monday, both Lulu & Shirley were on hand at the rescue’s adopted home to take delivery of this wonderful donation

This donation will go a long way to ensuring that the dogs we presently have in for assessment and training will be safe and secure.

Alpha Feeds amazing donations has gone a long way to helping reduce the rescues food bills, which allows the rescues limited funds to go that much further, allowing them breathing space and ensuring that funds are available for any future emergency’s.


Everyone at and involved with the “Cane Corso UK & Molosser Rescue” would like to say a very special thank you to Annabell at “Alpha Feeds for helping our Rescue and the dogs in our care, it is very much appreciated and allows the Rescue to help the dogs presently in the rescue and with future rescues.