Dotty – Female Cane Corso ( RE-HOMED)

Dotty, Dotty, Dotty…… Still looking for her home, no idea why
🤷🏽 Not one person that has applied can even read the whole write up on her 🤦🏽and that is just an introduction to her needs 🤣 she is a good girl with me, very cheeky, loving, affectionate,full of character and brings a smile to my face every day…
BUT ❤️ she has been handled roughly and can become nervous and seeks the safety of her crate. Couple of minutes later she’s over it if you handle it correctly. She LOVES her crate .
She bounds around like a puppy in a China shop but is now 17mths old.
She has no food aggression and loves her raw, biscuits are a messy explosion 🤦🏽🤢
On first meeting she will be quite aloof and wary and probable vocal but warms up much quicker now.
She can live with dog savvy children, a CASTRATED older calm male, no cats ☺️ Garden, 6ft secure fencing, no less.
If you are interested in giving Dotty a forever home please contact the rescue /email the rescue.   RE-HOMED……..