Care Package Delivery

Care Package Delivery

On Saturday we had a visit from one of our forever family’s : Vince, Mel and Lola

Vince & Mel adopted Lola in Sept/Oct 2014 and have helped their little girl blossom into a well-loved Cane Corso and as a thank you to rescue for letting them give her a forever home, they decided to put a care package togeather for the rescue.

So after an early 6:30am start on Saturday and a 2.5hr drive down to Bedfordshire, they arrived safely at the Cane Corso UK & Molosser Rescue.

First thing they did on arrival was unload the care package they had put togeather with the help of some of Vince and Mel’s work colleagues

Here's Vince, Mel and Lola's Care Package

Here’s Vince, Mel and Lola’s Care Package

In total they managed to provide the rescue with :

2 x 15kg Bags of Harringtons Lamb and Rice Kibble

2 x 15kg Bags of Webbox Beef Kibble

1 x 7kg Bag of Tesco’s Kibble

60 x Rolls of Webbox Beef & Chicken Chub

24 x Cans of assorted Dog food

2 x 100 Pack Surgical Gloves

£30 of Paypal donations : D.SHAW, A.BONSALL

The rescue would like to say a very grateful thanks, all this will help the rescue feed the dogs we have in for at least the next 1-2 months and will allow our present funds to be used to rescue, provide kennel and vets fees for any future rescues.

Hopefully Vince, Mel and Lola will be preparing another care  package in July for the delivery on the Funday , so if anyone else is interested in donating to the Care Package please feel free to contact them on our Facebook page or contact the rescue via email to find out ways that you can help.

Also while they were here they got to meet the 3 rescues we presently have in and also joined Ted on his morning walk.

All of these rescues are still looking  for their forever homes, could you be the one to give them it :

Ted the Cane Corso/St Bernard Cross :

Bronni the Neapolitan Mastiff :

Harry the Cane Corso :

They are such handsome boys who deserver a second change and would make a wonderful addition to someone’s loving home.

So a big thank you from all of us at the rescue to

Vince, Mel and Lola