Bertie – Cane Corso x English Mastiff

Meet Bertie another rescue that found his forever home thanks to Simon, Jan and the Cane Corso UK & Molosser Rescue

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In search of a boxer we came across Ozzie and in subsequent communications with the CCUKMR came the immortal words ‘and there’s always Bertie’, and that was pretty much it…

Jan and Bertie hit it off pretty much immediately, admittedly I had reservations but these quickly faded as it was clear Bertie wanted to be loved and to be out of kennels.

CCUKMR was thorough in their discussion with us, assessing our suitability to re-home Bertie. We also had to undergo a home check/visit which included 3 large dogs giving our garden the once over (thanks Duke, Ruby and Molly LOL). Having passed the home visit we were given the green light and the rest is as they say is history.

Bertie loves nothing more than being with us and in the thick of it whether he’s nicking socks or loo rolls there isn’t a day goes by which isn’t punctuated by some little act of mischief!!

Judging by the level of Bertie’s snoring of an evening we think he’s happy.

Good on yer Bertie!’