Meet Sid and Ted, two recent additions to the rescue, who are preparing for their chance at a forever home.


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These boys definitely deserve a chance at a forever home

From what the rescue has been able to piece togeather, these two boys were dumped out of the back of a van onto the grass verge by a road and then left to fend for themselves.

These boys were very scared, but thankfully someone was watching out for them.

They were spotted by a very kind lady who stopped her car to check on them, though she was at first a little worried as Sid and Ted are quite big boys, but even so, she still pulled her car over to check on them.

Once she’d pulled up in front of them, the two boys came trotting across and wagging their tails, these boy’s were definitely glad to see her.

After finding out that local dog warden, wouldn’t be able to get to the dogs for at least 6 to 8 hours, she rang the Police, who sent a PC in his van with some water and doggy treats to see if they could help, unfortunately these boys were just a little to big for his van, so he kindly offered to stay with the lady while she waited for Dog warden to arrive.

Once the Dog Warden had picked the boys up, they were taken to the local pound in the hope that someone might come and collect them (they never did) so they were held at the pound for 7 days, while they were being held, we at the rescue were informed that 2 large boys had been found and were in desperate need of rescuing.

Thankfully we tracked them down to the pound and after arranging transport were able to get these boys out and into the rescue and what we know will be a new beginning for them.

So please take a look at their page on the rescue

Sid and Ted

Please be aware that Sid and Ted will only be re-homed separately, “they will not be re-homed as a pair.”

and if you think you could give one of them a wonderful new life please contact us for more information :

Phone: 079603 48820 / 077219 93883

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