There are many ways you can help our rescue.

FOSTER HOMES: Perhaps you have owned a large breed before or maybe your own dog has passed away or you cannot commit yourself to giving a dog a permanent home, but would still like to help us in some way. If so have you considered short term fostering?

Fosterers are very much needed to care for dogs in a home environment while their new homes and prospective owners are home checked. During this time the dog can be assessed and relevant information can be used to help decide on the most suitable placement. This information can also be passed on to their new owners to help them adjust and prepare for their new dog.

Fostering can be very satisfying as your experience, insight and input is important in finding the best home and family for the right dog.

If you would like to help by fostering for the Cane Corso UK and Molosser Rescue please email us & we will get back to you.

HOMECHECKERS: This will involve visiting potential families at their home address. Talking with them and explaining how the Cane Corso UK and Molosser rescue works and assessing their suitability for the available dogs. As you would expect this is really only for the experienced and we will need to assess the suitability of volunteers who offer to help us with this.

TRANSPORTERS: Could you help by collecting a dog from its owner or delivering a dog to its new owner/foster carer? Anyone willing to do some driving for us is always most welcome.


We are always grateful to receive pet items – blankets, towels, dog beds, toys, treats, dog food, collars, leads.

It is also extremely costly just to maintain the basics like worming and flea remedies. Donations of vet supplies like Drontal, Frontline, Panacur etc would be very gratefully received.

DONATIONS: All the dogs in our care go to their new homes vaccinated, microchipped & neutered, unless they are too young/old or have a medical reason that it can’t be done. This means that our vet bills are very high & all the donations we receive go towards vet bills as well as the day to day care of the dogs in our rescue. Sometimes we have to use emergency kenneling if we are full & have urgent cases, this can be extremely costly, so if you can spare just a pound it can make a massive difference.!!!!!

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As you can imagine money is always in short supply so any ideas to raise funds & support would be wonderful.

Please contact Rescue Co-ordinator if you feel you can help us in any way




This Rescue will not let just any one foster our dogs

as we have done in the past as we  trusted people and they have let us down

very badly

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