We understand that losing a pet can be an emotional time, no doubt your pet was part of your family, as well as a great friend.

The loss of a pet affects us all at some time in our lives and this is why the Woofie Hotel has created a Memorial Woodland in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside, for people to remember their wonderful animals and to share their loss with others.

Pet owners are invited to scatter or bury the ashes of their beloved pets around the site for a small donation of £40

Your donation goes towards the planting and upkeep of the Woodland and to support the Woofie Hotels chosen animal charity “The Cane Corso UK and Molosser Rescue”

If you are not local to the Woodland please contact the Woofie Hotel who will happily recieve your pets ashes by post/recorded delivery and will scatter or bury the ashes on your behalf.

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