As some of you may be aware one of the dogs in the rescue “Millie” hadn’t been doing to well in the kennels and Lulu the Rescue Co-ordinator decided to take Millie home to see if that would improve her general state.

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Well after a week or so in Lulu’s loving home, Millie certainly began to perk up and start to feel a lot better with herself.

So now Millie’s feeling better it was time to find her a foster home, where she can begin to feel like a loved dog again, luckily for Millie a foster home was just around the corner…

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It Foster homes that help the rescue with dog’s like Millie to learn to be loved and be a dog again, it also allows some dog’s respite from the kennels or  when they just need to feel wanted and loved.

The rescue is always grateful of it’s Fosterer’s as without people like them, some dog’s can go downhill in a rescue.

If your interested in giving Millie the forever home she so dearly deserves,  please contact Lulu or Shirley at the rescue for more details :

Phone: 079603 48820 / 077219 93883

Please also contact the rescue if you’d like to learn more about being a Foster Home for the rescue.

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