Back in August 2017 the Cane Corso UK and Molosser rescue was offered a marvellous opportunity of some land with permission to build 3 kennels which would allow the rescue the opportunity to help rescue more dogs.

With this in mind a GoFundMe page was set up to raise the £3000 needed to purchase the materials to build the 3 Kennels, thanks to the support of those who donated to the GoFundMe page and some private donations of money and materials the rescue has been able to build the 3 kennels which are nearly ready to start housing some of the Cane Corsos/Molosser we have presently in the rescue.

Without your kind donations the rescue would not have been able to do this and we thank you with all our heart for helping our little rescue grow and in doing so help the many Corsi and Molosser that unfortunately find themselves without a present home.

Here’s some photos to show what your donations have helped build from the start to the finish.



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Thank you goes to the following for the Donations received

Lisa B- £20.00
Lawrence B – £30.00
Jo S – £30.00
Sarah Nichols W- £100.00
Darren R – £50.00
Karen N – £30.00
Mel and Lola – £30.00
Candice – undisclosed amount
Simon H – £50.00
Sarah L – £20.00
Vince E – £10.00
Rebecca – undisclosed amount
Julia C – £30.00
Robert F – £10.00
Jackie – £10.00
Nick D – undisclosed amount
Gladius – £20.00
Ali (Telesto) – £40.00
Christopher L (InvinciBullz & K9 Transport Company) – £100
Martina Ml – £17.50
Andrew H – £10.00
Fraser M – £25.00
Alex K – £30.00
Andrea N – £10.00
Carol B – £10.00

I would like to give a very special mention to Yvonne and James Yeomans, fosterers and life time supporters of our rescue who have donated an amazing £3000.00, thank you both so very, very much,  all of you are truly amazing.

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