Hector – Male Cane Corso


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This is Hector, a 9 month old Cane Corso Rescue. Still currently under assessment but so far so good. He’s good with people although can be boisterous so wouldn’t be suitable for a home with small children as he’s a big clumsy boy and likely to knock little ones over. Plays happily with any other dog currently, male or female although due to his size and clumsiness would be better suited to a home either being the only dog or with another large breed female. He does like to chase birds and bunnies whilst out walking so probably not a dog for a home with small furries.

In summary:

🐶 9 month old male Cane Corso

🐶 boisterous, fun loving nature

🐶 good with other dogs, very playful

🐶 could live with a female dog

🐶 could live with older children

🐶 housetrained  excitable on lead (likes to tug his lead or hold it) but we are working on this

🐶 started basic obedience

🐶 will be castrated before leaving us

🐶 not suitable to live with cat or small furry

🐶 raw fed