formentino cane corso
Harry 7 Month Old Cane Corso

Just before Christmas the rescue was made aware of a 7 month old formentino Cane Corso that had been abandoned on the streets, after a number of calls and arranging transport with a number of the rescues friends and volunteers Harry as he’s come to be known as was transported to the rescue.

Harry is now starting to settle into the rescue and our volunteers are helping him adjust and working to assess his need’s, he’s only about 7 month’s old and he’s still learning how to behave and socialise, remember Harry was abandoned, so it’s also very likely he wasn’t interacted with love or attention, so the rescue will over the coming months work with him to show him what being a loved and cared for companion is really about.

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As you can see from his latest pictures Harry is very handsome boy indeed and maybe those good looks and his training can help him find his forever home in the not to far future.

Please remember to keep on popping back to the rescue’s website and blog to find out how Harry and the other rescue dogs are getting on and should you be interested in re-homing one of our lovely rescue dog’s please contact the rescue :

Phone: 079603 48820 / 077219 93883
Again the rescue would like the thank the volunteers who offered and helped to transport Harry to the rescue, without the kind people who offer their time the rescue wouldn’t be able to help the dog’s that we do.

If you think that you could help the rescue please check out our “Please Help” pages for more information

2 thoughts on “Harry 7 Month old Cane Corso abandoned before Christmas

  1. Morning all, Harry is doing great with his training he is a great youngster must keep his training going because he has a lot to learn still,…He is still with us because we don’t just get them in and then out they go to just anyone! We spend lots of time getting to know our rescues because that’s the only way you can find them the correct family,we know all our dogs because while with us they are treated as our own dogs and after they are castrated or spayed they then come to live in my home so I can then house train and get to know how they are in the home with things going on in day to day living,so when they leave me they are happy house dogs not kennel dogs..Harry will be the next dog to be castrated and then he will be coming to live in my home so we can assess him and house train him then we will start doing home checks for him,..He will need a calm home no young children they need to be over 13, because he will need most of your time so training can still carry on, he will need one person to be around most of the time and not to be left for hours on his own ( this goes for all our dogs)..

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