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Cane Corso UK and Molosser Rescue is a small rescue situated in the Bedfordshire area that specialises in the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Cane Corso and other large Molosser breeds.

We rely on the generosity of the general public to fund the work that we do and the kindness of many dog food manufacturers and shops that send our wonderful rescues regular donations of food and treats.

Unfortunately as the Cane Corso gains popularity in the UK, so does the requirement for more rescue spaces. At present we are taking between 5-8 calls per week from people wanting to give up their Corsos for a variety of reasons, and lack of breeder back up means that these dogs will either end up PTS, in a local pound or sold on.

We use facilities at a local rehoming centre where some of our dogs reside whilst being assessed & re-trained before rehomed, however spaces are limited, this means we are regularly turning needy dogs away due to the simple fact that we have no kennels available.

Recently we have been offered a marvellous opportunity of some land with permission to build 3 kennels which will allow more opportunity to rescue more needy dogs. This is a fantastic chance to grow the rescue, something that is desperately needed here in the UK to cope with the demand of dogs requiring our help and support.

We are kindly requesting your help and generosity to assist us in raising £3000 which will help buy raw materials – concrete, breeze blocks, kennel and roof panels and pay for labour to create this additional space for us.

If you are unable to donate financially but are able to donate raw materials or help with labour we would also love to hear from you.
Please help us continue to assist needy dogs and ensure they have a happy and safe future, .

Come on everyone please dig deep and help us achieve our target.

Please find below a link to our GoFundMe page where we hope to raise enough to build the kennels


Thank you

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