Well the Fun Day has been and gone and thankfully the weather was kind to us, the owners and dogs that came.

The Fun day raised £795 in total , this included a £100 donation from Simon Harvey who has our rescue Bertie, a £65 donation fromm Alison Thomas, both sadly could not attend in person and a Donation of £20 from David White.

The rescue would like to give a Massive thank you to Lidlington Shop ltd who’s in store collection box raised another £65.

We would also like to thank you Vince Elgey and Mel Moore for cooking all the food and for arranging donations of raffle prizes from the following companies Tangle Teezer for the brushes, Hero & Wolf for the lovely Doggy Bow Tie and Danish Designs for the cuddly dog toy (Please click on the links to find out more about the companies)

Another Massive thank you goes to the following people who were also in attendance at the Fun Day :

Sati Gill for taking time out of his hectic schedule to put the dogs through their paces and donating the proceeds to the Rescue.

Jamie Miller for his constant help with training the rescue dogs.

Denise Webster for selling Raffle tickets and helping set up.

All these people helped and gave their time freely on the day to help the rescue 🙂

We would also again like to take this opportunity to once again thank Alpha Feeds for their donation of food earlier this year which has greatly helped the rescue reduce it’s outgoings this year, without such companies donating to the rescue, our Funday’s and public donations we would not be able to continue the work we do.

So thanks to the companies and individuals who help support this much needed rescue.

Here’s just a few of the photo’s on the day,  we will hopefully be post more as we get them 🙂

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It was so good to see so many of the dogs happily re-homed through this Rescue come back and giving their support, though the Fun day was very quiet in comparison to previous years (think this was because of the weather reported for the day) so unfortunately didn’t raise as much funds as in previous years, but every little helps and we would like to thank everyone who came down on the day to meet all the lovely owners, their beautiful dogs and the rescues we presently have in.

It was also nice to see other breeds represented on the day, such as Weimaraner, Dog De Bordeaux, Presa Canario, Bull and English Mastiff’s, American Bulldog and a few Heinz 57’s too.

These Fun day’s help us survive, for those of you who are not aware this Rescue runs purely on the kind donations of the public and without these donations the rescue would not survive.

This year has been a struggle to be honest, we’ve had many many more dogs come into us in the past 6-8 months and a number of these due to their situation have had to be long term rescues to ensure that they find the correct and most suitable forever homes and that they are also prepared for these new homes.

As the Cane Corso breed and Molossers become more well known the amount of Corsi and Mollossers that start to appear in rescues that need help also increases.

The Rescue believe’s that their should be more support for the breed and the rescue from the people that are involved with the breed,  which  unfortunately at the present time seems lacking.

When you realise that the rescue has dogs from not just backyard breeders, but also very well known Kennels/breeders come through our gates, all of which have needed extensive care/cost/time before they are ready to be homed, you begin to see why  this Rescue is very much needed.

This breed very much needs the rescue and without the help/financial support from the Corso/Molosser Community in general this rescue will not survive, if you can help the rescue or have suggestions on fundraising for the rescue please let us know either by emailing the rescue directly or using our contact form on the website

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  1. Also we have been given a very nice expensive leather bomber jacket to auction so this will be done at some point, Big thanks to Nick for his kind donation….

    And big thanks must go to The Woofie Hotel Droitwich Spa who have just paid our annual Insurance for the rescue. …

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