Harry – Cane Corso Male

Update :

Harry is now 15 months old and a mad wonderful lad can be nervous of new things but this would get better with lots more outings …He could live with a large breed spayed female,no young children or small fluff balls….He love cuddles,he loves playing ball, needs more training….

Harry Photo update:

As you can see from his lates photo’s Harry’s growing in a handsome young boy

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Harry is a 13 month old formentino Cane Corso that came into the rescue earlier this year.

As Harry was originally abandoned the rescue has spent the past few months working with him to socialise, train and assess him.

Once this has been completed the rescue will have a better idea of Harry’s needs and will be able to better place him into a foster/forever home.

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Harry is very handsome boy and is already settling into the rescue and his training, as you can see from the photo’s above

Update 1

Harry Aka “Tornado” as he’s become known at the rescue, is starting to come out of his shell and loves being petted and stroked, we don’t think he had any  tlc and being so young he craves human touch, he really is such a sweetheart.

Here’s a few new photo’s of him

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If you are interested in either offering a foster or forever home to Harry, please complete the rescues Adoption_Form via this link CCUKMR_Adoption_Form  and return via Email to: ccukmr.rescue@btinternet.com


Phone: 079603 48820
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3 thoughts on “Harry – Cane Corso

  1. Harry is at my house at the moment waiting to be castrated! while here he has turned into a much calmer dog and very loving,he loves playing ball and being around you …..He will make a wonderful family dog….

  2. Harry is still at my home still waiting for the right owner, he is a 2 year old active lad that needs a calm home with one or two people in the home and maybe a spayed female large dog…

  3. This is so sad for the dogs it seems everyone now wants a cropped and docked Corso rather than a natural one bred in this country,we are so over loaded with unwanted Corsi we have no where to put them.PLEASE THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU BUY THAT SWEET CROPPED AND DOCKED PUP FROM THAT PERSON SELLING IT AS THEY ARE DEALERS IN IT FOR THE MONEY NOT THE WELFARE OF THE POOR DOGS…These pups are bred in shit holes in these other countries the poor bitches are bred every season until they die….Please consider a rescue…………..Harry is nearly 3 now a great fun boy…

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