As some of you may already know the rescue has recently taken in quite a few new rescue dog’s, which unfortunately have put a lot of strain on the Rescues Funds, all of which either come from public donations – Thank you if you have donated 🙂 or from the Volunteers who run the rescue.

With this in mind one of the Rescues friends has kindly contacted a number of Dog Food/Nutritional companies/individuals asking if they could help with possible donations of food to help feed the rescues we have in at the minute.

As you would guess a lot of these companies/individuals get quite snowed under from similar requests from other Rescues around the country in need of donations/food etc and can’t always help every single one, which is understandable, those that were unable to help us at this time, did ask that we contact them again perhaps later in the year, when they may possibly be able to help us out.

However a lovely lady called Rhian at Burns Pet Food” got back to us and kindly offered to help with a donation of 5 x 15kg Burns Original Chicken which should go a long way to helping reduce the food bills for a while and the strain on the present funds available to the rescue.

Everyone at and involved with the “Cane Corso UK & Molosser Rescue” would like to say a very special thank you to Rhain and “Burns Pet Food” for helping our Rescue and the dogs in our care, it is very much appreciated and allows the Rescue the breathing space it needs to help the dogs presently in the rescue and with future rescues.

Thank You Burns Pet Food

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Without the kindness and generosity of individuals/Private Companies donating rescues like ours and others around the country, could not continue to help the many dogs that are either abandoned or end up in shelters through no fault of their own, from us and all of the other rescues thank you all for your help and support.

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