We’ve recently a Cane Corso come into the rescue, a lovely young lad of 7 months Baxter

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He will be in the rescue for a while yet as we continue with his training, to ensure that he is ready for his forever homes to find them.

He is quite young and still very bouncy and active and will need a calming forever home in which he can continue the training started by the rescue, ideally we would like to him adopted by forever families who have a large secure garden, somewhere he can play and burn off some of that young pup energy he has.

Baxter is looking for a home with no young children, teenagers would be better for him, as he will need a calm home to develop in, he would ideally suit a family with at least one person home most of the time to ensure he receives continued training and to allow him to grow as a confident family member.


He is still in his development stage and by continuing his training once adopted will ensure that he becomes a happy active member of your forever family.

If your interested in adopting Baxter please visit their pages on the rescue blog


If you can offer Baxter  a forever home please contact the rescue for more information and an adoption form
Phone: 079603 48820 / 077219 93883


All our rescues require an adoption fee, this helps the rescue cover the costs of rescuing future dogs that come into the rescue.

4 thoughts on “Baxter

  1. Baxter is now 13 months old and doing ok,needs a secure home with ongoing training,he can show his guarding instincts with some people…Still has a lot to learn no young children ….But with people he knows and trusts he is a wonderful lad…

  2. Harry is now 15 months old and a mad wonderful lad can be nervous of new things but this would get better with lots more outings …He could live with a large breed spayed female,no young children or small fluffballs….He love cuddles,he loves playingball,needs more training….

  3. Ozzy is now 18 months old he is ready to go to the right owner,could live with a large spayed female,no small fluffy ones…Neds more training as he does try to take control he is more relaxed around women i think men worry him….A lovey lad just needs the right owner to blossom…

  4. Baxter has just been castrated and healing well,he is now living at my house to heal better,he is doing really good he is now house trained,crate trained,and learning to live in a house after being in kennels for over a year,he is a lovely boy very loving,just wants to please his human trainer…No young children as he needs the attention of his owners at all times….Could live with another large dog (female only spayed)….

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