Alpha Feeds

The rescue would like to once again say a very very big thank you to Annabell and the lovely people at Alpha Feeds who have provided the rescue with a fantastic donation of a pallet of food to help us feed the dogs in the rescue.

Donations such as this are a big big help to the rescue, as a solely volunteer funded rescue, gifts such as these help us survive and continue the work of finding forever homes for all the dogs that pass through our kennel doors.

This is the second time that Alpha Feeds have provided the rescue with such a generous donation and it’s hard to put into words how grateful we all are here, when you have 4-5  young Cane Corso/Molossers in the rescue all at the same time the food they need, can definitely put quite a strain on our funds.

This donation helps take that worry and strain away for a few months and allows the funds we do have, pay for their kennelling and any veterinary  bills during their stay with us.

Harry and Baxter, two of the rescues staying with us came out to check out what all the fuss was this morning, once they knew they were determined not to leave the food unguarded 🙂

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If you would like to learn more about Alpha Feeds and the dog food they provide for your pets please click on the links in this blog post, where you can find out more about them and where to order and buy their food.

When ordering please let them know you heard about them from us, as we want to ensure that they know how grateful the rescue is 🙂

We will once again have leaflets and details about Alpha Feeds at our Fun/Open Day in the Summer of 2017, so be sure to pick up a leaflet and support them as they’ve supported us.

We would also like to thank Vince, Mel and Lola for again contacting Alpha Feeds and asking for their help

Please remember to have a look at the rest of our website and the rescues we presently have with us looking for forever homes, if you think that you might be their foreve home please download the CCUKMR_Adoption_Form and return completed to the rescue’s email address.


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